BPD-HRAC Inquiry Sessions Report Released, City Council Hears Recommendations

During the second half of 2020, the city’s Human Rights Advisory Commission (HRAC) hosted a series of six dialogue sessions with Beaverton Police Department (BPD) Chief Ronda Groshong and her staff. The “BPD-HRAC Inquiry Sessions” were launched in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the renewed visibility of the racial justice movement. The purpose of the sessions was to create a dedicated space for listening and dialogue among community members and BPD leadership regarding operations, policy, public demands for police reform, and community oversight. The goals of the sessions were to strengthen relationships, increase awareness and transparency, and identify specific policy recommendations for Beaverton.  

The inquiry sessions lasted through the end of the year, culminating in a report and recommendations to BPD and City Council, discussed at a Council Round Table on Jan. 26. The report outlines recommendations in four key areas: hiring, training, and retention; revisions to current policies; steps to increase department transparency and accountability; and ways to better connect and build relationships with the community. Each of the areas in the report includes recommendations and a summary of key discussion points by participants.  

To learn more and find links to the report and videos of the 2020 BPD-HRAC Inquiry Sessions, visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/HRAC