Beaverton Stays Committed to Climate Action

In January, the U.S. began the process to re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to limit temperature increases as a result of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Since 2017, the City of Beaverton — along with 3,800 other local governments and organizations (representing 155 million Americans) — has been part of the We’re Still In declaration, demonstrating a commitment to the Paris Agreement. 

The Beaverton Climate Action Plan (BCAP) looks to uphold the commitments of the Paris Agreement and achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions for the community by 2050 — or sooner. In addition to mitigation actions (those that reduce emissions), the plan also includes adaptive actions that aim to respond to impacts of climate change — like improved preparations for extreme weather events or preparing for population changes due to climate migration. 

Reducing emissions community wide will include shifting to clean energy sources, challenging the status quo on how we get from place to place, and re-examining the flaws in our food system. It will also require a shift in individual actions around our consumer choices and all the “stuff” we consume. 

2020 saw some initial progress toward these efforts on 42 of the BCAP’s 86 actions. The marathon continues in 2021 with opportunities around food waste reduction, the reduction of single-use items, increases in energy efficiency, and more, along with other opportunities in response to action taken at the state and federal level. 

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