Thank You to Our Outstanding Volunteers!

In year like no other, dedicated board, commission, and Neighborhood Association Committee volunteers have shown incredible adaptability, ingenuity and resolve to continue making a difference in the community.

From finding ways to bring beloved annual events online to spark joy in a time of difficulty; to facilitating important dialogues about policing in our community; to creating new services to enrich and inspire; to making masks for frontline workers; planting trees to combat climate change; or just keeping regular (and equally important) business moving forward in this new virtual landscape, our volunteers have made in valuable contributions across the city. We see you, we recognize you, and most importantly, we celebrate you! Thank you for your time, your passion, and your dedication to the betterment of Beaverton. We couldn’t do the work we do without you.

With that, we would like to specifically acknowledge the outgoing volunteers from 2020, who altogether gave a combined 196 years of service to the city.

Beaverton Arts Commission
■ Amanda Clark
■ Julie Nielsen
■ Allison Wimberly-Tivnon

Beaverton Committee for Community Involvement
■ Yu Xiao

Beaverton Committee on Aging
■ Hilary Lang Greenebaum
■ Skylar Johnson
■ Susana Sharp

Bicycle Advisory Committee
■ Tri Le

Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA)
■ Doug Menke

BURA Budget Committee
■ Domonic Biggi
■ Doug Menke
■ Jennifer Nye
■ Sarah Walton
■ Inessa Vitko

Diversity Advisory Board
■ Carolyne Achienza
■ Dalia Baadarani
■ Oswaldo Bernal
■ Cynthia Moffett

Human Rights Advisory Commission
■ Taghrid Khuri
■ Miranda Summer
■ Kossikan Yawo

Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board (MYAB)
■ Jayden Allen
■ Esme Fife-Adams
■ Baasil Pasha
■ Umair Rahim
■ Annala Swafford
■ Karenna Umscheid

Neighborhood Association Committees
■ Scott Buyserie
■ Kristal Cinque
■ Travis Diskin
■ Bernadette Le
■ Jennifer Lee

Planning Commission
■ Charles Bucker
■ Ian Rose
■ Gerry Uba

Social Services Funding Committee
■ Tiffany Burton
■ Erin Woolley

Traffic Commission
■ Douglas Henderson

Urban Renewal Advisory Committee
■ Domonic Biggi
■ Ann Snyder
■ Sarah Walton
■ Inessa Vitko

Visioning Advisory Committee
■ Mandeep Bawa
■ Meng Chen-Pinkham
■ Konnette Etheredge
■ Charlie Mouy