Landlord Forums Provide Insight on Rental Property Challenges

2020 was a difficult year for both renters and landlords. Along with other law enforcement agencies in the area, the Beaverton Police Department continues to participate in landlord forums to help property owners and managers navigate the year ahead. 

The free, 90-minute forums begin at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month through May. Due to COVID-19 and with community safety in mind, landlord forums have been changed to a virtual meeting format. 

The following topics are planned and are subject to change: 

■ Wednesday, Jan. 13 For Cause Terminations: Overview and Notice Drafting Tips 

■ Wednesday, Feb. 10 The FED Process: From Start to Finish 

■ Wednesday, Mar. 10: Water, Sewer and Trash, Oh My: How to Comply With Oregon’s Utility Billing Statute 

■ Wednesday, Apr. 14: Litigation Matters That Matter: A Primer on the Rules, Laws and Strategies Utilized in Civil Cases 

■ Wednesday, May 12: Question & Answer: You Ask, We Answer 

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