Creating Community with CARES Act: Mental Health and Community Psyche Grants Bring Events to Area

The CARES Act has been hard at work bringing joy and connection to the Beaverton community! 

What is the CARES Act? 

In March 2020, the federal government approved the CARES Act to address the critical negative impacts of the pandemic. Washington County chose to use some of the funds to aid local governments in efforts to support their economies and community morale. 

Below are the events and activities that have received funding from the Mental Health & Community Psyche Grant. 

■ Travel to Peru: Created a safe opportunity for people to learn about culture and scratch their travel itch by “taking a trip to Peru” without leaving their hometown. 

■ Beaverton Winter Lights: Brightened the community while offering safe opportunities to appreciate the beauty of the season and the city we share. 

■ The People’s History of Beaverton: The People’s History of Beaverton is a project to compile and share an antiracist history of Beaverton that centers on people of color, creates a foundation for equitable city policy development and supports a shared identity among people of all backgrounds in Beaverton. 

■ National Speaker on Race: Community event to focus on the topic of race. 

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Dancers and musicians perform during Travel to Peru at Beaverton City Park. (Photo by Katharine Kimball Photography)