City Welcomes New Mayor, City Councilors

The November 2020 election resulted in changes to the Beaverton City Council,
with new and reelected councilors joining fellow positions. Please extend a warm
welcome and much encouragement as they begin their voter-elected terms. The
mayor and councilors were sworn in in January.


Lacey Beaty, Mayor 

Lacey has been on the Beaverton City Council since 2015 and is active in the community, including serving on the HomePlate Youth Services Board of Directors. She has also volunteered on the city’s Visioning Advisory Committee, is a Beaverton Police Citizens Academy graduate and has served on the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Beaverton board. She vacated her City Council position to become mayor. The vacated position will be filled at the City Council’s direction. 

“I’m looking forward to continuing to work with city staff, community members and my City Council colleagues as we begin the process of tackling the important issues facing Beaverton today, all in the hopes of building a better Beaverton for all.” 


Mark Fagin, Council Position 3 

Mark was reelected to this position and has served on the City Council since 2013. Before being elected to council, he was a member of the Planning Commission, the Civic Plan Steering Committee and was the founding chairperson of the city’s award-winning Visioning Advisory Committee. Mark is a graduate of the Leadership Beaverton program. He was also an active volunteer for the Urban Renewal Plan. 

“As I enter my third and final term, I look forward to continuing to serve our community. It has been a pleasure to work with the residents of Beaverton, city staff and other elected officials to help improve our great city.” 


Allison Tivnon, Council Position 4 

Allison is newly elected and previously served as a Beaverton Arts Commission commissioner and a member of the Oregon Complete Counts committee for the State of Oregon’s 2020 Census. She has 15 years of experience in marketing and business development and civic and philanthropic development. 

“I look forward to working alongside my fellow councilors and Mayor Beaty, our city staff and the upcoming interim city manager, as well as our many community partners. Our residents and businesses are looking to us to look out for them. We have all endured the kaleidoscope that 2020 turned out to be and have our work cut out for us in charting a course to recovery. Hanging tight to our Community Vision Plan, our DEI and Climate Action Plans and continuing to make progress toward our affordable housing goals will all be front of mind in our decision-making. I am thrilled to join the council and am eager to get started!” 


Nadia Hasan, Council Position 6 

As part of the new city charter, City Council expanded from five members to seven members: six part-time city councilors and one full-time mayor with voting privileges. Nadia is the first to hold City Council Position 6. She previously served on the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Visioning Task Force and is currently a Unite Oregon board member. She brings over 15 years of experience having worked as a public school teacher, marketer and HR professional. 

“I am excited to serve you alongside Mayor Beaty, fellow City Council members and city staff. 2021 brings hope and I look forward to bringing new voices and fresh perspectives as we build a Beaverton that we can all call home.” 

Continuing Terms 


Laura Mitchell, Council Position 2 

Councilor Laura Mitchell was elected to the City Council in the November 2018 general election and began her first four-year term of service in January 2019. Laura previously served on the city’s Budget Committee and Social Services Funding Committee. 

“Happy New Year and welcome to 2021, a year of news! 2021 is bringing forth a new city charter, a new position for a city manager, new council members and moreover, fresh, new perspectives. I am looking forward to what this year has in store for all of us and our beautiful city. Thank you for choosing Beaverton as your place to call home!” 

San Soucie

Marc San Soucie, Council Position 5 

Councilor Marc San Soucie joined the City Council in November 2008, after he was elected to complete an unexpired term. Marc will be the first to experience Beaverton’s new term limits, when his term ends in December 2022. 

“Beaverton continues to excel at welcoming and celebrating residents and businesses from all parts of the country and the world. This enriches our culture, our resilience and our ability to attract new and exciting people and activities to our city. As our city keeps growing and modernizing, we have to support each other so that we can all be successful in our lives here in Beaverton.” 

Beaverton Election Results 

The 2020 General Election was held on Nov. 3, 2020. Here are the results: 


■ Lacey Beaty 53.39% 24,526 votes 

■ Denny Doyle 45.95% 21,105 votes 

■ Write-In 0.66% 303 votes 

Total Votes 45,934 


■ Mark Fagin 98.06% 31,032 votes 

■ Write-In 1.94% 615 votes 

Total Votes 31,647 


■ Allison Tivnon 98.35% 31,418 votes 

■ Write-In 1.65% 527 votes 

Total Votes 31,945 votes 


■ Nadia Hasan 71.23% 28,777 votes 

■ Patrick (Pat) Wolcott 20.49% 8,279 votes 

■ Douglas Jones 7.74% 3,126 votes 

■ Write-In 0.54% 219 votes 

Total Votes 40,401 votes 

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