Best Wishes and Many Thanks

In January, we say farewell to Mayor Denny Doyle and Councilor Cate Arnold after many years of dedicated service to our community. We thank them for their commitment to Beaverton and wish them health and happiness in their future plans. 


Mayor Denny Doyle  

Mayor Doyle served on the Beaverton City Council for 14 years before being elected mayor in 2008 and serving 12 years in this position. His background in business and his love of community and the arts helped shape many of the programs and projects Beaverton residents experience today. 

“It’s been an honor and joy to have served the city since 1995. Many thanks for all the memories!” 


Councilor Cate Arnold  

Believing that “the best use of our time is on things that outlast us,” Councilor Cate has been part of many these last 16 years. She will continue to volunteer in our neighborhoods and focus on being prepared to help one another, especially when emergencies arise.