Winter is Near — Are You Ready?

Last winter was mild, but are you ready for what this winter might have in store? Below are tips to help you become better prepared for winter. 

  • Ensure each member of your household has a warm coat, gloves/mittens, hat and water-resistant boots. 
  • Winterize your car and always keep your fuel tank full. Have additional supplies in your vehicle such as flares, chains/traction devices, blankets, water and nonperishable food items. 
  • Keep extra supplies available such as a snow shovel, blankets, first-aid kit, manual can opener, radio and surge protector for electronics. 
  • Keep flashlights, light sticks or other alternate sources of light on hand. 
  • Check battery-powered equipment (radio, flashlights) and have spare batteries on hand. 
  • Stock up on basic food items for a minimum of two weeks. 
  • Stock up on pet food/water for two weeks. 
  • Store enough water for one gallon per person per day for two weeks. 
  • For propane or oil heat, check for adequate fuel supply. For fireplace, have it inspected, making sure chimney is not blocked and keep extra wood on hand. 
  • Wrap inside/outside pipes to prevent damage. 

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Current Weather and Road Condition Information: 

  • Trip Check Dial 5-1-1  Recorded message describing road status.