Mayor’s Message

Our community has witnessed more than its fair share of change this year — homes have turned into offices, kitchen tables into learning desks and our regular behaviors and activities are taking many different or altered paths. 

While I fully anticipate and hope that most of our new ways are only temporary, there are some changes achieved in recent months that I expect will make a lasting and positive impact in Beaverton. 

During the past few months, city leaders and I have embarked on a series of listening and learning sessions with community members to better understand thoughts and ideas around systemic racism, city structures, policing and much more. 

The feedback so far has been impressive and I look forward to next steps that will enhance Beaverton’s commitment to being the welcoming, accountable and responsive city I am so grateful to lead. I invite you to visit to learn about our progress and opportunities for your involvement. 

I am also excited to announce another positive, permanent fixture now open at the corner of Southwest Hall and Southwest Allen Boulevards: Beaverton’s new home for police and emergency operations. The Beaverton Public Safety Center is our first dedicated police building in Beaverton history and provides an earthquake-resistant, modern facility where our first responders will serve the city for decades to come. 

This success is the latest addition to our list of lasting community achievements. I am so proud of all that we have been able to accomplish together in recent years: Our neighborhoods and downtown are thriving; we have more affordable home options; relief for people experiencing homelessness is more accessible; our commitment to diversity hasn’t wavered; we have taken a firmer stance on climate change; and our local economy is strong. 

Beaverton really is a great place to be and our future remains bright. As we usher in the new season and a new year, I encourage you to look forward to fun family time (whether together or distanced) and remain focused on the good that surrounds each and every one of us. 

Happy holidays! 

From left, Bill Westphal, Pat Reser, Mayor Denny Doyle and Ann Doyle are pictured at a small event celebrating the addition of the final steel beam to the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts. The center is expected to open in fall 2021.