Climate Challenge Gives You a Chance to Change the World!

Last year, City Council approved the Beaverton Climate Action Plan. This year has brought some promising starts — from expanding the city’s renewable energy purchases and improving the energy efficiency of city facilities, to pursuing code updates that allow for increased density and more trees downtown. The city is also increasing the municipal electric vehicle count and continuing Beaverton’s LED streetlight replacement program. In 2021, the action will be ramped up with exciting projects around building energy efficiency, renewable energy and tackling the challenges of food waste and single-use plastics. 

Scrolling through the news about climate change can make you feel … overwhelmed about the state of our planet. It’s hard not to feel helpless in the face of such an immense challenge.  

Ever wondered, “What can I do to make a difference or maybe just a dent?” The Beaverton Climate Challenge was designed to help answer that question! It provides a range of options to reduce household emissions by examining everyday actions and choices. 

Personal and household decisions, when added together, can have a big impact on reducing our city’s greenhouse gas emissions. “Household consumption” — items like the food, clothes, furniture, and vehicles that individuals purchase — as well as services like construction and landscaping, result in about 42 percent of our community’s emissions. 

From simple, low- and no-cost options that can have a big impact to big investments with big payoffs, the Beaverton Climate Challenge has options for everyone. Please visit to explore the actions you can begin to take today!