City’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan Update Scheduled

The latest annual report on implementation of the city’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan (DEI Plan) will soon be available to the public. The report is a comprehensive summary of the city’s equity work over the past year and documents progress on the plan’s 129 indicators. 

In October 2019, the City Council approved an updated version of the city’s DEI Plan. This fundamental plan looks at Beaverton’s future through a racial equity lens and provides strategic direction to city staff and leadership on community priorities. The six priority areas outlined in the plan are: Public Engagement, City Practices, Housing & Livability, Public Safety, Economic Empowerment, and Community Building & Inclusion. Each priority area has its own set of goals and indicators to measure progress. 

The Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) is the primary author of the city’s DEI Plan, in effect since January 2015. The DAB monitors the plan and assigns progress ratings annually based on a staff report, all available at

For more information, contact Alexis Ball, equity & inclusion manager, at