Artists, Arts Organizations Receive Relief Grant Funding

In Beaverton, the arts are a part of our identity. The Beaverton Arts Program contributes by funding arts and cultural events and programs that celebrate our community values and help connect residents to their artistic and cultural heritage. This year, the Arts Program provided 29 grants and more than $100,000 in funding to local arts organizations. 

In addition to ongoing grant programs, Arts Program staff recognized the need to respond to the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on local arts organizations and created a COVID-19 Relief Grant program, with two rounds of funding distributed. The criteria for the COVID-19 relief grants centered around demonstrating a financial hardship and/or emergency, while also demonstrating that the organization provided a public benefit to Beaverton residents. 

Throughout this crisis, local arts organizations have continued to find creative ways to support the community and give back. One such grant recipient was the Village Gallery of Arts, whose funding was used for free craft kits for the community, including the purchase of art supplies and technology tools to assist with the creation of instructional videos. Other recipients included the Peruvian Cultural Festival which helped the community by distributing food baskets, and the Beaverton Civic Theatre which partnered with the Girl Scouts of America to provide virtual classes that Girl Scouts can take to earn their badges. 

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