What Should I Read Next?

Having trouble figuring out what to add to your “to read” list? Unsure which audiobooks are worth your time? Want help guiding your child to books at just the right level? Library staff love talking about books and making suggestions, and we’re here to help you! We have specialists in children’s, young adult and adult materials available to answer those questions and more. You can reach us by: 

– Calling 503-644-2197 for one-on-one help from staff who work with children, teens and adults 

– Requesting a personalized reading list that will be emailed to you: https://apps2.BeavertonOregon.gov/secure/library/personalizedlist.aspx 

– Looking at our suggested reading lists for kids (https://wccls.bibliocommons.com/lists/show/1275087787) and teens (https://www.BeavertonLibrary.org/388/Find-More-Great-Book-Recommendations-for