Beaverton Night Market Continues to Build Tradition

Despite the uncertainty and challenges presented by the pandemic, the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) was resolved to continue the tradition of the Beaverton Night Market built over the past five years. “The message is that even when times are difficult, we don’t give up and our community is in our hearts and minds,” the DAB Night Market Subcommittee said. “As DAB members, we are so honored to continue this legacy. In these challenging times, our goal is to continue to support and encourage our community.” 

Reenvisioning the event as virtual and hiring local filmmaker Jordan Thierry of Dream Chase Media to lead the production, the Night Market was transformed into an interactive, live-streamed, cultural sharing experience with performances, workshops and interviews on Aug. 14 and Aug. 15.  

Hosted by DAB members, the events showcased 18 vendors and six performers from almost as many countries around the world with live and pre-recorded segments. The virtual format allowed for in-depth, behind-the-scenes interviews and demonstrations that highlighted the cultures and stories the market was designed to celebrate. The Virtual Market also offered interactive opportunities such as the sale of craft kits from featured vendors, the chance to ask questions and share learnings during live segments, and the chance to win raffle prizes for those who tuned in.  

 Recorded content from the market is available on the city’s YouTube channel. For more information, visit We’ll see you next year!