Relief Grants Available for Arts Organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on the local arts economy and our arts organizations. The short- and long-term impacts will be difficult. The City of Beaverton Arts Program is providing several opportunities for local arts organizations to apply for relief grants.
Arts organizations may apply for a second round of COVID-19 Relief Grants, with funds distributed in July. The second round is open through Friday, July 10 for arts organizations in Beaverton and/or those demonstrating that they serve Beaverton residents. Arts organizations applying for COVID-19 Relief Grants need to identify an emergency and demonstrate that they provide a public benefit to the residents of Beaverton and particularly to under-served and historically marginalized communities.
There will be $35,000 available for distribution and grant amounts may may be up to $7,000 per organization. Organizations may apply online at