Public Safety Center Nears Completion

Construction on the new Public Safety Center is almost complete. The Public Safety Center will be the new home of the city’s Emergency Management Department and Police Department.  

Located at 6125 SW Hall Blvd., the three story, 72,000+ sq ft building is designed to accommodate departmental growth through the year 2050. At full capacity, it is planned for more than 250 employees and is designed to meet current earthquake efficiency standards to help maintain essential city services during earthquake and other emergency situations.  

The city partnered with Portland General Electric to help design a backup power system that includes a generator, solar energy, and a battery energy storage system to allow the building to be functional during wide spread power outages for a prolonged period.  

Completion and move in is anticipated for this summer.  

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Construction Milestones


Most of the internal building finishes completed, elevators installed, parking lot areas are being worked on, landscaping is beginning, and permanent fencing is being installed. 


Roofing complete, exterior ground work started, and solar panel structures installed on the rest of the building. 

Scaffolding and construction crews work on the front entrance to the Public Safety Center.