Lloyd Avenue and Electric Street Waterline Construction Complete

Southwest Lloyd Avenue and Southwest Electric Street, both located in the Beaverton Urban Renewal Area, have both seen a great deal of construction activity recently. Both streets were part of a waterline project that was completed in early May. After the waterline installation, both streets also received new asphalt paving in the areas where work was completed. 

Southwest Lloyd Avenue was previously served by a two-inch waterline, which was undersized for adequate fire protection, so it was replaced with an eight-inch waterline for increased capacity. 

A new eight-inch waterline was installed along Southwest Electric Street to “loop” the existing water network. When looping a water network (instead of having “dead-end” waterlines), water circulation is increased, which improves water quality in the area. This also increases the firefight

ing capacity because the water can be supplied from two directions, rather than a single dead-end line on Southwest Electric Street. 

This project began in March and demonstrated the city’s commitment to providing clean and reliable water for all community members. 

For more information about this project, visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/CIP4168.