Library Outreach to Free Lunch Sites

Summer Reading has begun and so has summer outreach! During more typical summers, library staff members have gone out into the Beaverton community to engage with children and families by reading books at local free lunch sites and engaging in STEM activities. This summer, we are just as committed to reaching out to the community and have partnered with Beaverton School District Nutrition Services to hand out free books to children picking up free lunch.

As of mid June, we have visited 17 free lunch sites, engaged with 894 children and adults, and handed out more than 1,645 books to children from birth through high school. We are excited to continue these visits throughout the summer and see the joyful faces of children when they spot us at their schools. Many of our interactions begin with “Thank you for all you do!” followed by enthusiastic conversations about the library. Beaverton City Library services might not be back to normal yet, but we are happy to have a way to get free books into the hands of children and families!