City Provides Grants to Businesses, Business Recovery Center Opens in Beaverton

Beaverton, like many communities across the state and nation, has experienced unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. To help slow the spread of infection, on Mar. 13 Governor Kate Brown issued the “Stay Home, Save Lives” policy. Since then, many businesses have been mandated to work remotely or close entirely, resulting in historic employment layoffs. 

The city is dedicated to supporting local businesses who have struggled to stay afloat over the last few months. Thus far, the city has provided two rounds of funding for the Emergency Business Assistance Program. This program offers rent reimbursement for small businesses impacted by the Governor Kate Brown’s executive orders by helping businesses keep their lease agreements and eventually reopen. The first round of assistance supported 120 restaurants and the second round of the program is anticipated to serve 118 businesses including salons, fitness businesses, restaurants, retailers, and childcare providers. 

The phased re-opening of our economy brings new challenges to light as our business community struggles to keep their employees and customers as safe as possible.  

Washington County has funded and designated the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce as the Beaverton Business Recovery Center. The center will be one of four in the county to serve as a “onestop” location for local businesses to access resources to mitigate COVID-19 impacts and to re-open in accordance with state and local guidelines and regulations. 

The center will provide services to all interested Washington County businesses and work with the other three centers (Hillsboro and Tualatin Chambers of Commerce/Adelante Mujeres) to ensure coverage across the county and a coordinated and professional response. The center will also provide tailored services and one-on-one counseling to address the specific needs of affected businesses. 

While businesses are welcome to selfselect the center that makes most sense for them, the Beaverton center will focus on direct outreach to the Beaverton, Bethany, Cedar Mills, Cedar Hills, Raleigh Hills and Progress business communities.  

The center will have a bilingual staff and access to translation services to ensure service for all businesses.  

The CARES Act resources provided to the center will allow for the expansion of the IMPACT Beaverton program using consultants in the fields of business planning, loan portfolio and finance, marketing, social media, copywriting and content management, Quickbooks, and more.  

If you are interested in an appointment (in person or virtual), please email or call 503-350-2008. 

Visit to learn more about the center.  

For more information on other city resources for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit www.