Spend time in your own backyard!

Spend time in your own backyard!
Planting herbs in a kitchen garden.

Extra time at home can mean great things for your yard, patio space or garden. Many garden chemicals can be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife and our waterways, but having a peaceful, chemical-free place to relax or grow your own vegetables doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive it just needs a little time. 

First, decide what you want out of your space. Vegetables, a lush eco-lawn, habitat for native birds? The options are nearly endless. 

Second, pick your plants. All plants need sun, soil, air and water to grow, the trick is knowing how much of each. Evaluate how much sun your space gets and select plants that match. Consult your local nursery to get ideas specific for your space. Third, learn more about gardening naturally at www.OregonMetro.gov/garden. Metro’s yard and garden website is full of information from prepping your soil to plant selection to dealing with pests without chemicals. 

Lastly, enjoy that fresh ripe tomato plucked right off the vine, breathe in the relaxing scent of lavender, or count the variety of birds those plants bring to your yard. 

Get your free copy of the guide – Native Plants for Willamette Valley Yards. Download today at www.OregonMetro.gov/Nativeplants or contact us at recyclingmail@BeavertonOregon.gov or 503-526-2665 and we’ll mail you a copy.